racquel bulleser zumba fitness instructeur te oostende

Hi, I’m Racquel and I really love teaching Zumba Fitness classes.

I find it so… great when I see everyone is moving, sweating and specially having fun.

That SMILE I see on each and everyone’s faces even after the Zumba class. It’s PRICELESS !

You don’t need to be a dancer at all. It’s simple, just move your body and follow my lead. After all, it’s not only about dancing. It’s also FITNESS. And I tell you something about me. I have never danced in my whole life. This Zumba thing, I’ve just discovered this a few years ago. And I just did it at home as my hobby. Then I realise, Zumba makes me feel good ! Thankfully I was inspired by some people around me. So I took my Zumba license. I am licensed to teach Zumba Fitness, Zumba Kids, Zumba Gold (for active older adult, deconditioned participant or a beginner) and STRONG by Zumba.

I’m so enthusiastic to giving Zumba classes because I want to share that “good feeling” to anyone I am able to     share with.

This is my biggest motto about giving Zumba® classes. I want you to: RELAX, LAUGH, ENJOY, FEEL GOOD & STAY FIT.

And hey, knowing my secret about “having no dance experience at all”, If I can do it, so are you! 🙂 Besides, this is a good way of relaxing!

So, why not try it now?

Come and join my very FRIENDLY and very FUN Zumba group.

Let’s MOVE, SWEAT and HAVE FUN together.

YOU are very much welcome.

Let’sssss ZUMMMMBAAAA… I look forward to meeting you!

racquel bulleser zumba fitness oostende